• #blessed by Charles Scott Lucky Blue Rainflower Stone Bracelet

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    Rain Flower Stones, or Yuhua Stones, are a special kind of stone originating in Nanjing, China. They are considered a very lucky stone in Chinese culture! They are found in the Yangtze River smooth and polished by the flow of the water. They get their name from the unique colors and patterns on them resembling flowers. The legend says a Chinese Monk named Yunguang, who lived during the Nan Dynasty , used to travel around the country giving sermons. The story says when he traveled to Nanjing he sat on the Guanghua Gate for three days talking about his concept depriving himself of eating, drinking and sleeping. His sincerity moved GOD so deeply he rained down thousands of colorful flowers from the sky to reward him and when the flowers touched the ground they turned into the rain flower stones! This design features 8mm and 10mm stones in a graduated pattern.